Meet Our Technicians

  • Theresa-Gregory
    Theresa Gregory
    Medical Manager/RVT

    Theresa studied veterinary technology at Morehead State University and graduated with her Bachelor's in Animal Science.  She also holds an Associate in Veterinary Technology.  Her focus is in cytology (identifying cells under the microscope) and she has an interest in ultrasonography.  Theresa grew up on a farm with animals where she discovered her passion for working in the veterinary field.  In her free time she enjoys working in the garden and around the house. She also loves to spend time with her husband, two kids and the family dog who she rescued from the pound.

  • Jen-Asadi
    Jen Asadi
    Veterinary Technician

    Jen studied veterinary technology at Brown Mackie College in 2014 in the vet science program. She has 2 German shepherd mix dogs that she runs with everyday. She really enjoys running, trail running, hiking and completed her first chipped half marathon in 2020! 

  • Pam-Davis
    Pam Davis
    Lead Technician/RVT

    Pam graduated from Wright State with a bachelor of Science, then went on to study veterinary technology at University of Cincinnati Raymond Walters.  She specializes in imagery (radiology, ultrasonography) and excels in surgical technology.  Pam is also an avid camper and enjoys country music and cooking.  

  • Tiffany *

    Tiffany has over 14 years experience in the Veterinary field. She graduated with her degree as a Registered Veterinary Technician from Harrison College in Indiana. Her specialty is calming angry kitties. In her free time Tiffany and her husband Logan enjoy camping together. She also enjoys cooking and SiFi. She has a cat named Baby Arugula, along with 2 tuxedo bobtail cats named Timothy Farris Ferdinand and Pedro. She also has a puggle mix named Chewbert Chin Cimney Charoo.

  • Nicole-Licher
    Nicole Licher
    Veterinary Assistant

    Nicole is a recent graduate from the University of Dayton with a B.S. in Biology. Her ultimate goal is to attend veterinary school with a concentration in exotic animals. Some of her free time is spent volunteering at 4paws for ability in Xenia, Ohio. But when not working with animals she can be found at home reading (probably fantasy) or watching Netflix. Her two furry companions include her cat, Xeno, and her dog, Binx.

  • Lexie Sauer
    Lexie Sauer
    Veterinary Technician

    Lexie has an associates degree in veterinary technology from Sinclair. She has been working in the field for almost 6 years now. She  started as a kennel technician and worked as an assistant while going through tech school. In her free time she enjoys all things dog sports. She teaches beginner agility classes and trains with her dogs during the week. She can usually be found at agility trials or dock diving competitions with her dogs on the weekends.

  • Becca-Day
    Becca Day
    Veterinary Assistant

    Becca has over 30 years experience in veterinary medicine. She graduated from Xenia High School. In her free time she loves relaxing and going to the gym. Becca has two Pitbull dogs named Kevin and Honey.

  • Katie-Shuff
    Katie Shuff
    Veterinary Assistant

    Katie is currently attending Vet Tech School and has been in the field for 9 years. In her free time she loves to go to Kings Island with her family, hiking and playing video games. She has 3 dogs, a lab named Emma, a Golden named Margot and a Pitty Mix named Chino.

  • Victoria Winstead
    Victoria Winstead
    Kennel Tech

    Victoria is graduating from the vet science program at the Warren County Career Center. She is planning on continuing her education at UC Blue Ash to become a vet technician. She enjoys spending her free time with her friends and family and has a cat named Jupiter.


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